Kumura Foundation

Bundi disadvantaged children off to school

The children arrived on Saturday January 6th from as far as the border villages of remote Jimi, soaking wet and tired from walking.

It took some of them three days to reach Vincent Kumura’s house at Snow Pass.

“We had a ‘Back to School’ refreshment followed by a movie night for them,” said the director.

“This year, over 30 orphans and disadvantaged children of Bundi will attend school in Simbu as boarding students under our ‘Educating Orphans of Bundi Project’.”

Foundation wins trail bike

The Simbu shopping centre presented them a trail bike after they were revealed as the winners of the lucky draw Christmas promotion.

At 2pm on February 4th, the Kumura Foundation team was presented with a Shineray 250 Trail Bike by Gerard Philip, the Managing Director of TNA Holdings Ltd at the TNA Supermarket in Kundiawa, Simbu Province.

Bundi tribe pays compensation

This ‘wari pay’ was made at 5pm on Friday, January 22nd.

The payment was demanded by the Gegru tribe on January 1st following a tribal fight that occurred on December 28th, 2020, that saw the burning down of 10 Gegru houses, including the slaughtering of several pigs.

During the ‘wari pay’ payment, the Gegrus also gave a ‘brown paper’ or ‘compensation demand’ of K150,000 with 10 pigs to the Emigari tribe to be paid by the 3rd week of June.

Bundi fighting ceases

Peace has been restored following the December 28th clash between the Gegru and Emigari tribes of upper Bundi. This was achieved through a concerted effort between the leaders of the two tribes, Kumura Foundation, Usino-Bundi police and Bundi leaders.

Angia Freddy, leader of the Gegru tribe, demanded K20,000 and three pigs as ‘wari’ pay from the Emigari tribe who burnt down 10 of their houses, including the slaughtering of six of their pigs and looting of properties.

Foundation mediates peace between warring tribes

The Kumura Foundation stepped into the battle site to mediate peace between the warring tribes of Gegru and Emigari.

Founder of the Kumura Foundation, Vincent Kumura, said their mission is to build a better, progressive, and violent free Bundi.

Hence, when the tribal fight occurred between the two tribes on Monday, December 28th, the foundation could not allow more houses to be burnt down, more pigs to be slaughtered, more assets looted and more lives affected.

First-ever xmas gathering for remote community

The event, hosted by a local community-based organisation of Bundi, Kumura Foundation, involved a hearty lunch for 21 elderly members (ages 65 to 90) and a community coffee/milo night at Snow Pass village on Christmas Eve.

During the coffee/milo night, the foundation shared with the villagers their journey and some of the highlights and challenges of their work in 2020. 

“We also played some photo slides and videos of our work to keep the community informed of our journey,” shared foundation CEO, Vincent Kumura.

Xmas get-together for disadvantaged children

Betty Higgins and husband Peter Presland, were very happy to host the Christmas get together for the orphans.

Upon arrival at the lodge, local businesswoman, Higgins, dressed up as ‘Mother Claus’ and tearfully welcomed the children.

“If Kumura Foundation hadn’t brought these disadvantaged children from Bundi up to give them an education, these children would not have a brighter future,” she said. “And so, I am supporting the foundation to host the children’s end of year Christmas BBQ.”

Successful rural physio clinic

On December 5th, a 17-member medical team from Simbu saw a total of 260 patients and referred 107 patients.

Of these, six patients were referred to remote Brahman Health Centre in Lower Bundi, five to Gembogl Health Centre in Simbu and 97 to the Sir Joseph Nombri Memorial Simbu Provincial Hospital in Kundiawa.

The team conducted a major rural outreach medical program at Snow Pass, Bundi, in partnership with Kumura Foundation, a local community-based organisation (CBO) of Bundi.

A treat for ‘Travel2Change’ trek team

Starting on October 25th in Morobe, the team completed the final leg of their journey in Madang on Monday, November 2nd.

The 24 trek members reached Saidor, Raicoast, at 4.30pm. On November 4th, they commuted by dinghy to Madang town; an approximate 5-hour journey.

In Madang, Vincent Kumura of the Kumura Foundation said they were welcomed by prominent businessman, Sir Peter Barter, who gave them the Sugen Aben section of Madang Resort to rest.

Team conquers Finisterre Range challenge

Starting in October 25th in Morobe, the team completed the final leg of their journey in Madang on Monday, November 2nd.  

The goal of the trek is to raise K60,000 to fund the foundation’s three key rural health and education projects in Bundi for 2021.

Vincent Kumura said at 4.30pm, 24 trek members – 20 men and four women –arrived at Saidor Station in the Raicoast District of Madang Province.

The team’s nine-day challenge started at Wantoat on October 25th.