Kumura Foundation

Mapai supports Kumura Foundation

The presentation was done at the Gembogl Orphan Resource Centre in Simbu by Willie Komba, a representative of Mapai Transport.

Upon receiving the vehicle key, Vincent Kumura, the director of Kumura Foundation, said: “This year is our year of projects.

“In partnership with the Sir Brian Bell Foundation and the Gembogl Orphan Resource Centre, we will be building 10 community health posts of Bundi and a 60-person orphan students dormitory at Gembogl, Simbu, including a few other major activities that require logistical support.

Continuous rainfall causes landslides

Director of Kumura Foundation, Vincent Kumura, said the foundation, under its community service focus, has partnered with two local SME owners to mobilise 49 youths to clear up the road.

“It took the boys almost two weeks to clear up just a pathway for the vehicle to pass through using chainsaws, digging sticks, crowbars, bush knives and spades,” said Kumura.

“The foundation is very thankful to Nelson Gandai of Yandera and David Mongoma of Simbu for mobilising their boys to work, including the 16 youths of Pomie Village of Upper Bundi.

Worsened Road Conditions

Under its ‘community service’ focus, the Kumura Foundation is patrol grading the 5km road from near Gowe Bridge in north Simbu to Mondia Pass.

The foundation undertook the activity as its ambulance, stationed at Snow Pass, Bundi, was unable to transport referral patients to Simbu for proper and timely medical treatment.

The road maintenance will also ensure access for locals, PMV owners and SMEs.

The patrol grading started yesterday and will continue for the next three days.

‘Great Story For The Nation’

Director of the foundation, Vincent Kumura, described it as a “great story for the nation” at the conclusion of their program on the 29th of December.

Trekkers made up of medical officers, community health worker (CHW) students and members of the Kumura Foundation concluded their Travel2Change rural outreach program on the 27th of December in the Ramu Valley plains.

From there, they made their way to Madang Resort, where they set up camp at ‘Sugeng Aben’.

Patients Travelled Far And Wide

On December 13, a team of 29 trekkers trekked from Kegesuglo in Simbu to Bundi to conduct a 14-day rural medical patrol through the foundation’s annual ‘Travel2Change’ program.

The team included a medical doctor, a physio, two registered nurses and 11 community health worker (CHW) students of Kundiawa CHW Training Institution and trek members of Kumura Foundation.

From Snow Pass, Upper Bundi, to Tawiya, Lower Bundi, the team saw and treated over 700 patients, referred over 30 patients and also ran out of medical supplies.

Thriving at Mt Wilhelm

Running a business at the foot of Mt Wilhelm comes with its unique challenges.

For Betty Higgins, the sustainability of her lodge and trout farm, located 2,800m above sea level, hinges on her ingenuity.

“If you move your cameras around, you will see total jungles, total bush around us,” she told a visiting media team from Lae.

Woman bled for over 4 months: Foundation

She was part of the 177 patients who were seen and treated by the ‘Travel2Change’ trek team of Kumura Foundation at Snow Pass, Madang Province.

The ‘Travel2Change’ trek team of Kumura Foundation started their rural clinic at Snow Pass on Tuesday, December 14th, under the theme ‘A campaign against malaria’.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 177 Snow Pass patients were seen and treated, while five patients were referred to the nearest health centres.

Changing The Narrative

Community-based organisation, Kumura Foundation, is pushing to change the narrative.

A media team was invited for the first time to cover Kumura Foundation’s Travel2Change rural clinic, which aims to treat over 1,000 patients within the far-flung areas of Upper and Lower Bundi in Madang Province.

In partnership with Mapai Transport, the team made the 11-hour journey by road from Lae to Simbu on Sunday, the 12th of December, where they spent the night at Betty’s Lodge.

Mapai supports Kumura Foundation

Chairman, Jacob Sole Luke, applauded Kumura Foundation for their efforts in addressing rural health issues in the remote Central Bismarck Range.

“We are happy to support your noble efforts with these items so you can deliver them to where they are needed most,” he stated.

When receiving the items, director of Kumura Foundation, Vincent Kumura, thanked Luke and his team for the partnership and support.

Donated ambulance helps wounded

Director of the foundation, Vincent Kumura, said a Land Cruiser fully loaded with passengers crashed into a house just before Gembogl Station in Simbu Province.

He said the left front wheel of the vehicle came off, which resulted in the owner of the vehicle and his driver suffering a number of wounds to their foreheads and arms.

They were transported to the Simbu hospital from the Gembogl Health Centre by the Kumura Foundation ambulance, which serves both Upper Bundi and North Simbu.