Drinking water for village schools

Schools in the villages of Lealea, Papa, Boera and Porebada have received potable water, thanks to the PNG LNG plant staff.

Recently the staff successfully concluded a three-month program to help the schools and students who were being impacted by this year’s dry season.

Students were unable to complete full days at school due to water shortages.

The water cartage initiative began in September after the site operations team was able to adjust plant needs for water and redirect a portion of the site’s potable water supply to the cartage program. A delivery roster was then set up with the schools to provide potable water on a regular basis. 

A total of 300,000 litres of water was delivered to 12 schools; Redscar High School, Porebada Primary and Elementary schools, Maiari Pre-school, Papa Primary, elementary and pre-schools, Lealea Primary and Elementary Schools, Bogi Literacy School and Boera Primary and Elementary schools.

LNG Plant operations manager, Jagir Baxi, was pleased with everyone’s efforts.

“The dry season this year had a prolonged effect on the communities around our LNG plant. Many of our staff live in the communities so we have a first-hand understanding of the difficulties they were facing,” Baxi said.

“I am glad that we were able to assist the schools and students through this small but important contribution. Most importantly, the water deliveries to schools were successful in helping students to complete their year of study with as little interruption as possible.”

The dry spell recently broke with the arrival of good rain around Port Moresby. 

(Water cartage delivery to staff and students of Maiari Salvation Army Primary)


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