Daru Road Repair Incomplete

Daru Town Mayor has raised concerns regarding incomplete road projects on Daru Island in Western Province after much capital investment on the road infrastructure.

Mayor Samuel Wingu said the roads remain incomplete after a certain amount of money was given to a contractor to fix up the roads. It is believed that K10 million was allocated recently for the road redevelopment.

To date nothing significant has come out of the funding support. Since the construction of the roads by Hebou Construction in the late 90s, 30 years on and little to no maintenance has been done including sealing and drainage.

While the focus has been on the main roads that lead to both the airport, Daru Secondary School and back towards the town. He said feeder roads connecting to the main streets on Daru have been neglected and roads have turned into potholes and ditches.

Mr Wingu said that funds earmarked for the road rehabilitation project have not been used for its purpose.  

He said: “If funds have been allocated, I don’t see any reason why the roads have not been fixed. I would like to know what our local member is doing and why can’t he follow through.”

Mr Wingu said, with the headquarters moved to Kiunga town, the Works Department in Daru was condemned many years ago.

Meantime, it is a costly exercise for local businessman, Meremi Maina, in having to pay for transporting cargo transport every week.

“I am spending money every week to pay for trucks to bring back cargo. Even my vehicles can’t do that because of the poor road conditions. I am also paying for my vehicles to be fixed and I am losing a lot of money,” he said.

Mr Maina said the only work that has been done on the roads is the filling up of potholes with gravel on two main roads leading towards town.

Godwin Eki