PNG Air freighter operates Sydney to Lihir Island

The latest addition to PNG Air’s fleet, the Dash 8 freighter, has just completed a freight charter from Sydney, Australia, to Lihir Island.

Under the command of Captain Chris Tabuchi and First Officer Marie Auka, the aircraft departed Port Moresby and arrived in Sydney with fuel stops in Cairns and Roma.

After loading the cargo of machinery parts, the aircraft returned to Cairns where a fresh crew comprising Captain Jacqueline Naing and Captain Wayne Waliman took control for the final leg of the flight to Lihir Island.

“The long haul flight was for a customer who required the urgent delivery of critical parts to keep its operation running,” said Paul Abbot Chief Commercial Officer of PNG Air.  

“As with any such operation, the most important elements for the success of the flight were planning and preparation. Get that right and you have the smooth and uneventful delivery of the freight.  

“The professionalism of the crews involved was a testament to the training and attitude the PNG Air crew bring to the business and their willingness to step up to the challenge of long haul operations into unfamiliar air space.

“PNG Air prides itself on its ability to deliver and this charter demonstrates that ability,” said Abbot.

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