Nine-Mile farm harvests record 18 tonnes of vegetables

The Nine-Mile farm in Port Moresby has broken another record achieving a weekly harvest of 18 tons of vegetables.

Business Development Manager, Gallit Tamir says previously the farm had achieved a maximum weekly harvest of 15 tons.

He said growing a variety of vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, lettuce, Cherry tomatoes, Chili and more; the farm has placed new products on the shelves, primarily zucchini, sweet corn, pawpaw and more.

The Farm which began its activities in 2014 with a weekly produce of four tonnes gradually increased its capacity to the current record following introduction of state of the art technologies and continues innovation.

Crop Control Manager Lydia Tasi said the record has brought the farm to heights never seen before in PNG and the entire South Pacific region and beyond.

“Look for our produce in all the supermarkets, as we celebrate this achievement with our clients, with further price reductions and a standing commitment to quality,” says Tamir.

The farm, located at Nine-Mile in Port Moresby employs state of the art technologies and modern farming methods developed in Israel.

The production is done in a climate controlled environment, drip irrigation and computerised crop management systems that provide controlled temperature, light exposure, fertilisation and other ambient conditions that  produce an echo system that is both conducive to the produce grown and environmentally friendly, the farm prods itself on efficient use of  water and energy.    

The Nine-Mile farm employs more than 100 mangers and farm workers, of which 95% are from the Nine-Mile settlement.

Professionally the farm is managed these days by Papua New Guinean university graduates that have been trained and working along-side Israeli experts. 

Freddy Mou