New office for gas coordination office

The Gas Projects Coordination Office (GPCO) officially opened its new office today in Port Moresby.

Though a small ceremony, the new office space for the GPCO is hailed a significant milestone not only for the institution but the oil and gas sector.

GPCO Director, Peter Koim, said he was happy with the new office space, which will boost the morale of staff to perform.

The office will also house the Minister for Petroleum & Energy and his staff as well.

“You have to have a better home to operate from to produce and deliver services to the people of Papua New Guinea and the Government, and on that note, I’m so happy the Gas Projects Coordination Office, (and) the Minster for Petroleum & Energy and his staff, are able to receive a facility such as this,” said Koim.

The Office was refurbished and fully kitted by Kumul Petroluem Holdings Limited (KPHL) at a cost of K3 million.

KPHL Managing Director, Wapu Sonk, said the new office provides a platform for the GPCO to better perform its role in the growing oil and gas sector.

“This office becomes resource for the people of Papua New Guinea and I’m hoping the GPCO can represent the people of Papua New Guinea and push for fair and productive development of our resources in the coming years,” he said.

Also present at the opening was Isaac Lupari, Acting Secretary for the Department of Petroleum and Energy, Kepsie Puiye, and Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC) Managing Director, Augustine Mano.

Lupari, who officiated at the ribbon cutting, said after living a nomadic existence, the GPCO can finally settle down and carry out its duty.

He said he was grateful to KPHL for coming to the assistance of the office, which plays a big role in coordinating the roll out of gas projects in the country.

“Coordination has been a big problem for the Government, having learned a lot of lessons on how we were dealing with the first LNG Project, coordination became a problem and as a result of that, the Government in its wisdom saw fit to establish the gas office.

“The gas office has been moving from place to place and with this they will be able to coordinate the policy development as well as the development of many of the projects which are in the pipeline at the moment,” Lupari said.

Plans are already underway for the office to house the Secretary of the Department of Petroleum and Energy.

The new GPCO office is located on the 9th floor of Pacific Place, which is owned by the MRDC.

Cedric Patjole