Nasfund launches E2E discount program

Nasfund launched its latest program called the Employer to Employer (E2E) discount program yesterday, featuring well-known companies such as Airways and Lamana Hotel, Brian Bell, CPL-Hardware Haus, Digitec ICT Ltd, Theodist, and PIH.

This is the first program of its kind where employers can benefit from discounts using their membership card that was issued during the launch.

The E2E Program is an extension of Nasfund's current membership discount program. It enables any Nasfund member to go to any participating employer and receive discounts. For example, Brian Bell, Theodist, PIH, Airways Hotel, Lamana Hotel, and Digitec all offer discounts to Nasfund members who produce their ID card. This benefit was previously only available to members, but not employers.

Smaller enterprises never got such discounts from these organizations, so Nasfund created this program to bring these groups of people together. Participating employers will offer discounts, and currently, seven top organizations have signed up. Nasfund hopes that all 160 partners in the Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP) will eventually join the program. Any small employer contributing to Nasfund can go to these establishments and avail their discounts, which will increase their profitability.

Nasund CEO, Rajeev Sharma said that this program is a value addition to Nasfund's membership offerings. It is the first of its kind to offer business-to-business (B2B) discounts, and the team is pleased with everyone who has come on board. The hope is that many employers will take advantage of this program and stimulate the economy. When employers grow together, more people will contribute, leading to growth in the ecosystem.

Regarding schools, if they are contributing members, they can participate in the E2E program. Schools will be entitled to one of these cards, and they can go to Theodist, Brian Bell, CPL-Hardware Haus, Airways, and Lamana to avail of discounts on products and services. If a school needs to hold a function or seminar, they can also go to Lamana and Airways and receive a discount.

Mr. Sharma said they are working on more benefits for their members. They want to expand this program to other areas of membership, and they have some exciting news coming in the next two to three months. Nasfund aims to look after its members and provide value-added services that make them happy to be part of the Nasfund family.

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