Meat increase

The Livestock Development Corporation (LDC) Ltd is working towards fulfilling the government’s aim to connect the rural population to the market.

They aim to decrease the importing of livestock from other countries and focus on breeding our own livestock and distributing. 

Now, Central Province is expected to see an increase in beef production, now that cattle numbers have been doubled.

The increase in meat production will be in no doubt for Central Province as the second shipment of cattle arrived in Keapara village in Central Province yesterday.

LDC Managing Director, Terry Koim, said this cattle program is in line with LDC’s objective of increasing beef stock in the country and reclaiming all LDC assets.

“This is the government’s initiative to increase the number of livestock especially cattle in the country. While so many people are talking we are working,” Koim said. “I would like to get everybody to stop talking and come and work with us because no one will do it for us.”

In a previous interview, Koim said the Launakalana estate is a good breeding ground for cattle and other farm animals, including horses. 

The first shipment of cattle from Sialum in Tewai-Siassi District, and Erap in Huon Gulf District, were sent over in December 2022.

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