LGL presents training plan

Lihir Gold Limited (LGL) has delivered a revised three-year training plan to the PNG Government to comply with obligations for the development of PNG citizens.

Delivered through the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations, the plan contains reports on the NewSafe Leadership Program and the coaching for High Performance Programs.

These include Cost of training (2014-2017), Training data for the next three years (2014-2017), Training undertaken (2014-2017), Training priorities and Needs for the company (2017-2020), HIV AIDS policy, Apprenticeship Training and Trade test entries.

Newcrest says the revised plan ensures LGL complies with its obligations under the Mine Development Contract (MDC) for the development of PNG citizens.

The former plan reported on frontline management and superintendent programs.

The delivery of the plan is in accordance with the National Training Council Act 1991 which requires employers to submit a three year training plan for the development of human resources in the country.

The data provided is used by the National Training Council (NTC) to identify training needs in PNG and strategically plan and deliver quality training to meet the needs of clients.

The data also enables the NTC to provide informed policy advice to the Government on issues affecting training.

LGL Learning & Development Superintendent, Craig Roberts, and HR Advisor Adlyn Nagwi, presented the plan recently to representatives of the Department.

Cedric Patjole