LDC explores local partnership for livestock advancement

Talks are currently in progress for a prospective collaboration between a prominent farm owner and Jeffrey Kennedy, a real estate tycoon from Papua New Guinea, in a bid to bolster the local livestock sector.

The discussions centre around extending support to livestock farmers by providing them with high-quality cattle and pig progenies, along with surplus supplementary feed sourced from Mr Kennedy's flourishing rice mills.

Following two successful shipments of cattle from Morobe province, which were earmarked for breeding and replenishing cattle stocks, the Livestock Development Corporation (LDC) has set its sights on replicating this achievement with other livestock categories, notably piggery.

Noteworthy in his own right, Jeffrey Kennedy, the driving force behind the Kennedy Estate and the visionary behind the locally renowned 'Rigo Rice', has pioneered integrated farming practices. His innovative methodology entails utilizing crop remnants to enrich the soil and employing rice bran to nourish both cattle and pigs.

Despite still being in a trial phase, this holistic approach has yielded remarkable outcomes.

However, while this forward-looking endeavour aims to advance various facets of the livestock industry, the progress in the piggery segment has encountered some sluggishness.

In a proactive move, managing director, Terry Koim embarked on a site visit to Launakalana today. His agenda encompassed assessing the assimilation of the cattle into their new habitat, and he also took a brief sojourn to Mr. Kennedy's farm situated a few miles from the ranch.

Expressing optimism, Mr Koim remarked that this strategic alliance aligns seamlessly with LDC's commitment to fostering progressive evolution within the livestock domain. He highlighted the organization's strong belief in collaborative advancement as the driving force behind this move.

Furthermore, he emphasized the manifold benefits of this potential partnership, both for the local business and the entire nation of Papua New Guinea. By adopting a unified and comprehensive approach, the livestock industry is poised for expansion, benefitting from the collective contributions of various stakeholders.

Koim underlined, "Our imperative lies in investing in our compatriots." He emphasized the significance of forging robust ties with pertinent agencies, an essential component for enhancing industries and propelling the country forward as a cohesive whole.

Meanwhile, Koim shared that the cattle from the recent shipment are adapting well to their new environment, highlighting promising prospects, he revealed the birth of a robust calf during the transit to the Central province. With this addition, the total count of cattle in the second shipment reaches an impressive 165.

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