Kina Bank Launches Website

Kina Bank has launched a new Digital Website today, Thursday 25th November demonstrating the commitment that the bank has to provide customers, a better customer experience.

Kina Bank Chief Executive Officer, Greg Pawson when launching the website calling it a ‘world class’ said it complements a number of digital services and products already in the market.

He said: “Digital Banking is growing in the country because of its convenience and speed of access, and people need to be taken on the path to adopting it to feel comfortable and well serviced.”

Mr Pawson said that their vision is to be the most dynamic, progressive and accessible financial services organization in the Pan Pacific region proudly headed up and domiciled in PNG.

“In accordance with the vision and strategy, we’ve appointed Lesieli Taviri as our PNG Country Head for Kina Bank. That essentially means, Lesieli will be the spokesperson for the Kina Bank brand as part of the Kina Group of Companies moving forward,” said Mr Pawson.

He mentioned some of the bank’s focus areas covering, Traditional Banking, Digital Banking and Partnership.

Kina Bank Executive General Manager, Lesieli Taviri said the launch is a proud moment for the bank.

“The website complements a wide range of services that we have out there in the market and it specifically has a lot of functionalities that we’ve actually built into the new website,” she said.

Ms Taviri added: “There are some other information as well, we’ve got a lot more product inquiry, functionalities built into the website, so customers who are interested in any sort of product or services can inquire whether it be business or  personal banking they can inquire through the website.”

The launch of the website is an extension of other digital products like Kina Konnect, Online Banking and mobile banking app.

She added that Kina Bank is becoming a one stop digital banking solution for its customers in PNG, and it wants its customers to start their banking journey with them and watch their wealth grow for tomorrow.

Carol Kidu