Kainantu hosts SME Expo

Twenty-Two small and medium enterprises (SME) groups took part in a 2-day Kainantu SME Exposition, funded by the Kainantu Mining.

Kainantu Mining Project Coordinator – External Affairs, Ovex Jamaika said Kainantu Mining so far have spent over K1.2 million to support all community projects in Kainantu and Eastern Highlands Province.

This is under its community obligation and assured the Kainantu SME sector that they will continue to support SME exposition next year and onwards.

Eastern Highlands Provincial SME coordinator, Osborne Soso presented a cheque of K5000 to Yvonne Baru, SME facilitator for Kainantu SME exposition.

Soso said he wants all people to get involved in SME including youths to do productive business to support their daily living.

Thousands of people turned up to the 2-day event, which began on Friday 23rd of December and will end today. 

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