FPDA displays outstanding results

The Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA) has displayed strong commitment and leadership for the horticulture industry.

The organisation has raised its corporate integrity and improved value for its services and products which attracted a number of major projects, being funded by reputable organisations and investors.

FPDA board chairman, Fabian Chow said through effective implementation of these projects, FPDA aims to qualify itself to become the centre of excellence in project management in the near future.

“With this in mind, necessary steps have been taken to benchmark our performance. Part of the strategy to improve governance, operations and service delivery mechanism on the core business.”

 He added that FPDA remains a staunch supporter of government policies in food security, import replacement, downstream processing and SME among other initiatives of the government.

“The development programs have been aligned and in direct response to these policies.

“FPDA has developed strong partnerships with key departments, corporate entities, different levels of governments as well as establishing a network with various value chain participants including farmers and other stakeholders to improve service delivery in the fresh food and horticulture industry.

“The collaborations have reached new heights, and we would like to continue into the future.”

Mr Chow thanked the management and the board as well as the staff for a tremendous effort in supporting the organization to the next level.

“I wish to echo again that FPDA will continue to be resilient and become the best in its core business in PNG and the region within the next decade will be realized through productive partner and firm commitment from all partners’ stakeholders.”

Loop Author