Collapsed bridge affects residents, business

Business in Madang town has been greatly affected by the collapse of the Banab Bridge, North Coast of Madang Province.

The town is usually packed with locals from all over the province, however, this is not the case as many of these frequent town goers cannot travel in; even the bus stops to the main highway were absent of PMV trucks – especially the Bogia bus stop.

The bridge, which collapsed on Thursday, January 04th is a link that serves many villagers from parts of Sumkar, Karkar and locals from East Sepik who travel via dinghies from Angoram to Bogia and other boat stops.

The bridge, which is believed to be over 60 years old, collapsed on Friday after failing to support excessive weight caused by a semi-trailer transporting an excavator.

The bridge has not been renovated despite ongoing requests for over 12 years.

An informal market vendor stated that he usually has a full customer base for his cigarettes, betelnut and other wares but since the bridge’s collapse, business has been slow.

For him, this is a big problem as he depends on his customers to put food on the table.

Meantime, affected people from the Karkar Island say they will not let the issue affect their lives but are indeed helping to provide services as most dinghies are transporting mass cargoes across the sea to the other side.

The dinghies are owned by the islanders themselves, who have turned the unfortunate situation around.

The new boat stop for Karkar Islanders intending to come to the island is the beach next to Taledik Police Station and Market.

(Photo Credit – MF – PNG ATSSP)

Imelda Wavik