Codes of Conduct for Real Estate sector

The Independent Consumer & Competition Commission (ICCC) is liaising with the Department of Treasury to arrange the implementation of the Codes of Conduct for the Real Estate and Residential Building Sectors.

The Codes of Conduct are aimed at protecting consumers who are renting and new or existing home owners engaging contractors to build or renovate their properties. 

In his Ministerial speech to Parliament recently on the ICCC’s 2016 Audited Annual Report, Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, Charles Abel, said they hope to make the codes mandatory.

Under the current legislative arrangement, the codes are currently voluntary.

The Codes of Conduct is one of sixteen recommendations highlighted in the 2010 Final Report for the PNG Housing and Residential Building sector.

The 2010 Report followed a review by the ICCC upon request by the Government.

Cedric Patjole