Business council pays respect to Loko

The Business Council of Papua New Guinea has described the late Peter Loko as one who championed the need for businesses to actively participate in nation building.

In a statement, the Council said Loko had an impeccable record in serving some of the highest posts in government and business.

The council said late Loko advocated for inclusive and affordable electricity to the majority of our people, business participation to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the passionate promotion of the Information Communication Technology sector’s contribution to PNG’s growth

They said he was also instrumental in promoting the Australia – PNG business relationship where at the recent nations Ministerial Meeting in Madang this year, he stressed the need for ministers to work closely with businesses to enact a modern Trade and Investment Treaty that will put people to people relations at its core. 

Late Loko also reinforced this notion by giving an account of how he and his employer, GE (PNG) Limited, facilitated talented Papua New Guineans and Australians to interact regularly in improving the social and economic status of the underprivileged. This has paved way for a framework that builds strong people to people engagement. 

“In a time where leaders of integrity need to speak on the affairs of the country, Peter Loko stood out. Never short of ideas and never accepting the status quo, he pushed for change. This was Peter’s strength,” said David Toua, President of the Business Council.

“The Business Council PNG is grateful for Peter’s support and are saddened of his passing.

“On behalf of the executive committee and members of the Business Council of Papua New Guinea, we extend our condolences to Goini and the family of the late Peter Nathan Loko.”


Picture credit:

Cedric Patjole