BSP opens NCD Lending Centre

BSP continues to serve its customers through branch expansions and on Wednesday 21st December, 2022, soft launched its ninth branch in the National Capital District.

Located at 4 Mile in Boroko, the new NCD Lending Centre officially opens to customers after Christmas and will cater for all personal customer’s lending needs for customers in Port Moresby.

BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming said the NCD Lending Centre will meet all of our Port Moresby customer’s Personal Loan and Home Loan requirements.

“We are not only opening more branches, we are refreshing our value proposition according to the demand in the local market and designing our branches accordingly,” said Fleming.

Fleming added that whilst Port Moresby based customers will be able to access some limited lending services for a short period of time from their home branches, the Lending Centre will be the primary point for anyone with a specific lending need.

“The branch will comprise of a team of 37 specialist lenders who will be focused on ensuring customers’ lending needs are met. The branch is a cashless branch and will not offer transactional banking services, which will continue to be offered by our 5 other Branches across the NCD,” He further added.

Fleming also noted that BSP operates a network of 86 branches and sub branches located in all the provinces of PNG with many of these branches operating at a loss to BSP.

“BSP recognizes the importance of the provision of banking services to all communities in PNG and does so as part of its core value of community.

“In 21 of these locations, BSP remains the only commercial bank providing banking services and unlike its competitors goes to locations that no other bank would consider,” explained Fleming.

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