ANG appeals against laser lights

Air Niugini has appealed to the public to refrain from pointing laser beams at aircraft during landing as this can interfere with the pilots’ ability to operate the aircraft and may cause an accident.

“Air Niugini pilots have recently noted an increase in instances of high intensity laser lights being pointed at aircraft while on approach to a number of airports around PNG, but especially in Port Moresby during night landing at both ends of the Jackson’s airport,” said the airline.

“Laser lights pose a threat to the safety of the flight as the glare makes it difficult to concentrate on flight instruments and if the pilots are temporarily blinded by it at a critical phase of flight, this can endanger the safety of the aircraft and may lead to an accident. 

“This distraction during critical flight phases such as landings, take-offs and emergency manoeuvres can have serious consequences

“Under the Civil Aviation Act of PNG, those interfering with safe operations of an aircraft can be criminally charged with imprisonment for up to two years.

“Air Niugini therefore appeals to the public not to interfere with the safe operation of an aircraft and furthermore, to report those who are caught doing this to relevant authorities including police.”

Press release