Accurate data essential: PNGEITI

Having accurate and systematic availability of data is essential for successful management of PNG national policies and programs.

PNG Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Head of the National Secretariat, Lucas Alkan, highlighted this during the 2019 Papua New Guinea State of the Environment (PNG 2019 SoE) Report pre-workshop on July 11th in Port Moresby.

The PNG 2019 SOE is an international reporting obligation undertaken by lead agency Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA) to present the best available information about the current state of the Papua New Guinea Environment as the basis for effective environmental management, planning and reporting. 

The pre-workshop information session brought together stakeholders from the Government, Industry and Civil Society to inform on the finalisation of the PNG 2019 SOE in its review workshop on the 24-26 July, 2019.

“The PNGEITI National Secretariat is pleased to work in partnership to share data as part of CEPA’s international reporting obligations. It is encouraging to see PNGEITI Reports playing a pivotal role in providing contextual, financial and economic data for the country’s inaugural State of the Environment Report,” said Alkan.

The PNG 2019 SoE Report is a culmination of a multi-year commitment by the PNG Government through environmental regulator, CEPA, to satisfy its Multinational Environment Agreements (MEA) Secretariat’s International reporting obligations. CEPA is obliged to present reports, including the State of Environment (SoE) on a timely basis to the Multinational Environment Agreements (MEA) Secretariat where appropriate.

“We encourage interested people to access and utilise PNGEITI Country Reports as an open data resource for information regarding the PNG Mining and Petroleum Sector,” stated Alkan.

The PNG 2019 SoE is consistent with the PNG Government’s Environment Act Part II Section 4 (c) and (j) on Environmental Sustainability and Compliance to signed International Environmental Treaties and Conventions.

 “We will work in close collaboration to provide feedback to the CEPA to ensure all necessary information and data is made available to them,” said Alkan.

PNG 2019 SoE National Coordinator and PNG Inform Project, CEPA Biatus Bito said over the years, several multilateral agreements have been signed by the Government of PNG ratifying various international conventions and protocols sanctioned by the United Nations General Assembly, which PNG is a member.  

He said these conventions and protocols were adopted by the PNG government and enacted in parliament.

“The PNG State of the Environment Reports are conducted every 5 years and although information are scattered, at least this Report provides a snapshot of where the country is, given the diverse pressures and threats the country is facing from both natural and manmade causes,” said Bito.

The PNG Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (PNGEITI) is a PNG Government initiative established in 2013 to promote accountability and transparency of revenue received from the country’s mining and oil and gas sector. 

The PNGEITI implements the global EITI standard through its multi stakeholder group comprising of representatives from the government, industry and civil society groups.

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