ABG’s focus on economic independence

Autonomous Bougainville Government President, Ishmael Toroama, will focus on delivering both political and economic independence.

When thanking the National Government for facilitating their inaugural trade and investment trip to the Solomon Islands, President Toroama said he will equally provide leadership in creating an economic environment conducive to maintaining the principle of self-reliance.

“An environment in which every Bougainville citizen builds and develops an economy that can be operated by one’s own efforts by relying on one’s own natural resources using every available technology and through one’s own creative labour and knowledge,” he stated.

“Likewise, it is also important for my people to reach out and seek trade and investment opportunities internally and with our neighbours in this region as economic interdependency is the norm.

“My government will continue to reach out and seek trade and economic opportunities for my people both here and abroad.

“I am fully committed to ensuring that all relevant domestic procedures through the Bougainville Inward Investment Bureau are completed to facilitate the Trade and Investment Framework agreement for signing during my term as the President of Bougainville.

“I am looking forward to the further joint talks in Buka and Port Moresby to establish the agreed Trade and Investment Framework between the Solomon Islands and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, which will be an impetus for delivering important economic, commercial, and broader benefits to consumers, small and large businesses, and farmers in Bougainville and in the Solomon Islands.

“I reiterate my government’s undertaking to remain committed to facilitating, enhancing and regulating trade and investment between the Autonomous Region of Bougainville and the Solomon Islands in consultation with the Government of Papua New Guinea.” 

Press release