APEC objectives yet to reach rural populace: CBC

The Catholic Bishops Conference of PNG and Solomon Islands says the message and awareness of APEC, its purpose and objectives have not trickled down to the rural populace.

Though APEC is here and will still proceed despite staunch opposition, the Catholic Church is questioning what plans the government has for the rural populace after APEC 2018.

“We share the concerns of many people in PNG about the huge amount of our limited resources being used which seems to entertain and impress the rich and powerful. Given its inevitability, we can only hope for success,” said Bishop Rochus Tatamai, President of CBC of PNGSI.

“The question now is APEC is here and it will happen, what then after that? And I think this is where we will be back to square one as far as we can see.”

Bishop Tatamai also made reference to the billions spent on dressing Port Moresby while the rest of the country watches on as teachers and health workers face constant payment issues and health centres face drugs shortages.

(Loop filepic of children in a remote village of Gulf Province)

Carolyn Ure