Powes Parkop

Parkop on Alu Video

The Governor says the leak in information of monthly funds for the Yoga guru, Fazilah Bazari can be acquitted for before the commission.

The governor although refusing to comment on the video – stated that he has nothing to hide and the monthly payment of money which stands at a K3 million annual payment is commissioned for.

The governor was contacted by this newsroom in relation to a leaked video posted on a social media page, PNG Blogs, showing the former NCD city manager Lesie Alu being interviewed.

Parkop calls for cooperation and common sense

His comments came in light of a recent incident that reportedly involved tear gas affecting children at a school near a police operation against buai vendors.

Governor Parkop said: “For starters, this is not a war on betelnut,” referring to a headline used by one of the dailies.

“It is meant to be a controlled exercise, starting in Boroko to keep our suburbs clean and healthy. We have not even started at Hohola, where the regrettable incident took place.”

Parkop expresses concern

And this has not settled well with some.

NCD governor, Powes Parkop, is one who expressed concern on this.

He said in times like this, disaster management should always refer back to the three Rs;

Relief, Rehabilitation and Restoration.

"Relief should be instant, but four days have gone by already. And I'm not happy that we're slow," he said.

The Governor said tourist overseas have also indicated interest to contribute towards the earthquake appeal.

Minister puts to rest land rumours

He responded after NCD Governor and close ally, Powes Parkop, asked him to clarify whether or not the government was arranging shady deals between landowners and buyers outside of proper processes.

The NCD Governor was inclined to crush rumours his government was involved in illegal land deals after Member for Moresby North-West, Sir Mekere Morauta, accused the government of ‘actively facilitating’ land deals without proper consultation with customary landowners.

Land reforms expected in NCD

Tkatchenko says he will be working with the NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, to address the land issues in NCD.

He said before his appointment, he as Moresby South MP and Governor Parkop pushed hard to secure land in the city for the resident but were met with many setbacks.

But today, as the Minster responsible, they are going to do the right thing for the people.

For years the NCD Governor had pushed for a separate land board so that the Planning Division in NCD could properly map out the city’s development.

Parkop to push for Wildpack ban

The 52 seconds video sees JT from the band Wild Pack badly bashing solo artist Ragga Siai.

This video has gone viral, even attracting the attention of senior musicians like Leonard Kania, few politicians and other public figures, to respond to it.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop is one who has volunteered to push for this agenda.

Parkop: PMV issues to be worked on

The Governor said that he and the NCDC management are adamant to draw up amicable solutions to offer cheap, affordable and uninterrupted public transport system.

“In the last 10 years I have been giving excuses and shifting the responsibility of public transport entirely to the Department of Transport.

“I have to work with the Minister and the Department and if we can get the powers to NCDC, we will do that” Parkop said.

He added they will work with the PMV owners and operators to deliver a better service, a service that is reliable and efficient.

NCD education MOA on the agenda this 2018

This MOA will be to decentralize elementary, primary and secondary school responsibilities to the district however results haven’t been forthcoming.

Parkop says they are hopeful to achieve the MOA this year for the benefit of the school aged population of NCD.

NCD and Education Department signed a Memorandum of Understanding 2 years ago to transfer management powers for elementary, primary and secondary schools to the city authority, NCDC.

 “It’s been too long since we signed the MOU and are waiting for MOA and I hope it will happen soon”

2018 anticipated to be good for NCD

This concept will be applied to close the disparity that has existed in the city for the last 4 decades.

The NCD Governor Powes Parkop said the city’s way forward is outlined in 4 clearly articulated goals;

•             Improve peace and security in the city

•             Modernize Motu Koita Villages

•             Upgrade settlements to proper suburbs

•             And improve the conditions of existing suburbs

Parkop: Driver must be charged

The car – a Toyota grande – is believed to be from the NCD governor’s office, according to the Traffic Police.

As per witnesses, the heavily intoxicated driver drove out the intersection at Vulupindi Haus during the early hours of December 24th.

Instead of turning left towards the traffic lights, he drove straight towards the opposite side of the road.

The vehicle slightly hit the bustop stand before crashing head-on into the fence of the stadium propelling onto the beach volleyball court and going right under the benches.