Powes Parkop

VIDEO: Electoral Commission assures supporters of process

Executive Officer to the incumbent Governor for NCD, Emmanuel Bobola, was informed by Deputy Electoral Commissioner, John Kalamoroh, today they will speak to the respective election managers.

Speaking on behalf of Parkop, Bobola said the whole counting process has been hijacked by rogue scrutineers who are frustrating the process of elimination.


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COUNTING: NCD regional progressive result – after count 243

NCD Regional - after count 243

COUNTING: NCD regional progressive result – after count 242

The following is a progressive ladder of the results;

NCD regional progressive results - after count 63

The count currently stands at 64.

Progressive results as of 9am has seen some changes in the top 5 running candidates.

Powes Parkop is still in the lead with 6,686 votes, Andy Bawa with 3,229 votes and Michael Kandiu with 3,081 votes. 

Robert Agen and Jamie Maxton Graham have both dropped out of the top 5 category.

Parkop airs frustration over deferrals

He said this today during a gathering of supporters at the Jack Pidik Park at Five-Mile today.

Following two deferrals of counting for the NCD Regional and three Open seats, Parkop gathered his supporters in public to air his frustrations.

He said a simple process for counting has taken them five years to prepare for. Many other excuses were lame and stupid, and an insult to their intelligence.

A planned peaceful march by Parkop’s supporters to the Electoral Commission has been put aside.

Parkop: It’s like a bad dream coming back

In 2012, polling was deferred to a day after the scheduled date for this electorate.

This year, polling has been deferred once more. However, this time, affecting all electorates of NCD.

Current NCD Governor Powes Parkop recalls the 2012 elections.

“And in terms of the counting, I was the last to be declared. When Peter O’Neil was elected as the Prime Minister, I was not yet a Member of Parliament. It’s like a bad dream coming back,” he says.

On Tuesday the Electoral Commissioner declared Friday June 30 as the rescheduled date for NCD polling.

Foreigner suggested to run elections

One of such is the need to bring in a neutral person, like a foreigner or most possibly, the United Nations, to run the elections.

This suggestion was made by the sitting Governor Powes Parkop, who described rumours of unethical conduct by certified officials as disgusting.

“Nationals don’t seem to have the ability to deliver smooth, fair and peaceful elections. It’s about time we swallow our pride and allow the EC to be led by a neutral person – a foreigner,” he said.

Governor Parkop pointed to election practice in other countries such as Solomon Islands and Fiji.

Parkop commends residents for peaceful campaigning

Sitting Governor for the National Capital District, Powes Parkop, said it was a long, challenging and tiring campaign for the candidates and the people have done well in keeping it relatively peaceful.

Parkop thanked all residents for the successful campaign period and said it showed a sign of progress and being more civil during the elections.

“I’m very confident that the election will continue to be peaceful in the nation’s capital.

One day polling will not work: Parkop

Parkop who is the Social Democratic Party leader expressed disappointment in the Electoral Commission’s decision to conduct one day polling in some provinces in the country.

He said it will not work considering the logistics involved in transporting ballot boxes and other important election equipment and materials to designated polling sites throughout the country.

Party aims to create more local jobs

Highlighted in the party’s policies is addressing unemployment and creating more jobs by setting up down-stream processing of PNG resources.

And also by converting machine dependent activities into labour based.

Party leader Powes Parkop said he tried in the nation’s capital but was not successful due to no economies to scale.

“It will succeed if we do it nationwide and if the change is structurally done,” stated the NCD Governor.