Powes Parkop

Parkop to launch 16 days of activism

This is activism against violence and to promote gender equality and human rights in the nation’s capital.

This is not new, he said.

The initiative is that of the United Nation, which sees non-government organisations (NGO) working together to choose a time in the year to push that idea.

For this year, Governor Parkop says it will coincide with the children’s day and human rights day. But he hopes this year’s program will be elevated to another level.

Men should take lead: Governor

This message was stressed during Sunday’s walk for life, which was dedicated to one of such campaigns.

Leading by example was the Governor for NCD, Powes Parkop, a big advocate on this issue.

He was joined by Police Minister Jelta Wong and the Minister for Religion, Youth & Community Development, Soroi Eoe.

Parkop said mostly men were perpetrators. This makes GBV a man’s problem to take on.

PNG in denial for too long: Parkop

National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop, says this following the frequency of the issue and the horrific states reported.

The country has been in denial for too long, he continues.

As a wakeup call, the Walk for Life today was used as a campaign against violence.

Governor Parkop believes everyone should stand up against this.

“By remaining silent, being indifferent, not taking action, being in denial, we are risking our economy, the quality of life of our people. We need to stand up and make a difference.”

23 state leases for NCD

The state leases were for public space and road reserves for NCD.

Almost two months ago, the Lands Department launched the NCD Lands Unit with the aim to preserve, protect and secure all NCD public spaces.

Tkatchenko commended the Lands unit team for the tireless effort in doing the land reserves plans for NCD.

“We’ve always said to secure our markets, our schools, our public parks and reserves.”

PNG demonised by domestic violence

Speaking at the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry business breakfast, NCD Governor Powes Parkop said the explicit occurrences of violence against women has created a very bad perception of PNG.

He highlighted recent events which have further added to this perception.

In his address to the chamber members this morning, Parkop highlighted the recent death of Post-Courier journalist, Late Rosalyn Albaniel-Evara, allegedly at the hands of her husband; another tragic tale in the never ending story of atrocities against local women by PNG men.

Efficient transport system for NCD on agenda

The Governor revealed this during the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry breakfast today.

Parkop said an improved transportation system was needed so that it minimised or eliminated disruptions to daily transportation needs.

His comments follow the recent strike by PMV operators in the capital city, temporarily shutting down transportation services.

He said plans to introduce a more efficient transportation system had been shelved in the past however, the recent PMV strike was the final straw.

NCD ready to host rugby world cup: Governor

This was stated by NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, during a phone event launch on Sunday.

“The city is ready to host the nations coming in to play against the PNG Kumuls.”

A confident Governor Parkop said the PNG Kumuls might possibly make it to the semi-finals if they train and play hard in their matches.

“We are going to deliver a successful event when the matches will be hosted here in the nation’s capital and we look forward to coming here and experiencing rugby matches the PNG way,” he said.

‘If you are fit and healthy, you’ll do anything’

The MINTT colour walk today was another initiative to promote the safe and healthy city concept in the nation’s capital.

The launch of the MINTT 4G smartphone was incorporated with Sunday Walk for Life. A shorter version of course.

It started at 7am from the Hubert Murray stadium, down past the harbour city, following the ring road and back to the stadium.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop was impressed with the turnout.

Two petitions filed against Parkop

Runner-up Michael Kandiu and former top cop, Andy Bawa both filed petitions, disputing Governor Parkop’s win.

In the petition filed by Kandiu, the former NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi and former Assistant Returning Officer in the NCD Regional seat, Bale Kavanamur, amongst others have been summoned to give evidence in the trial.

Kandiu is alleging errors and omission during the scrutiny process and illegal practices against Parkop.

City rangers no longer operational: Parkop

Parkop’s response came to light after a group of people, wearing city ranger jackets, were reportedly chasing vendors around the city.

The group of people, believed to be from the same ethnic group, were stopped by some staff of a company at Gordon when they attempted to ransack a vendor’s stall.

“I am not aware of their continued deployment,” says Parkop.

“City rangers are no longer operational.

“I am only aware of Traffic Wardens and also a cleanup campaign organised by the Management of NCDC under Community and Social Service Department.”