Powes Parkop

Reject Rio deal for Bougainville: Parkop

The Governor stated that he and his party, the Social Democratic Party (SDP), will focus on rejecting the Rio Tinto offer.

Speaking at a press conference upon his arrival in Buka last week, he said the people of Bougainville cannot be offered shares over a mine that doesn’t exist.

“It’s more like a ‘catch-22’, a share that amounts to nothing but if it does amount to something then we will be forced to re-open the mine,” Parkop said.

“We need an offer that is fair and equitable that suits us better in the lives that were lost and the destruction caused culturally.

Trees being pulled to make way for development

However, with expert advice given, some of the palm trees, palms and shrubs have been identified for extraction- 37 to make way for the land works and construction of the Beach park infrastructure.

Twelve of them will also be removed for the construction of the Port Moresby Sewage Project being undertaken through Kumul Consolidated Holdings.

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop says it is best to pull down many of the Casuarina  trees which have lived their life expectancy as they have lived through the Australian colonial period.

Parkop calls for cooperation as Ela Beach works begin

He said this after making the announcement of the beginning of the redevelopment work on Ela Beach today at the NCDC City Hall.

The K55 million project is being undertaken in two stages.

Contractor, China Harbor Engineering Company (CHEC) will begin civil works this week at the contracted cost of K45, 235, 285.

CHEC will work on widening the Ela Beach Road from a two lane into a four lane road, reclaiming the land for the Beach extension, building car parking space among others.

Reservists to be dealt with if involved in bashing

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, said this after pictures of the female vendor with blood streaming down her face and arm went viral on social media.

Parkop said City Rangers would not be involved in the raid, as they do not operate at Waigani.

However, he is uncertain if any reserve police officers were involved.

“I’m not trying to dent away from criticism but the police that were involved, and the vehicle used by the perpetrators, that’s a vehicle that belongs to regular police.

Parkop initiates program to help students

It is another form of scholarship assistance apart from the Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET).

Terence Moka, the Executive Officer to the NCD Governor said the whole idea for such scholarships is to give second chance to the unfortunate youths who have been pushed out of school.

The NCD Governor’s scholarships covers students attending various technical and tertiary institutions who are permanent NCD residents.

NCDC spends K20m on scholarships

As per the statistics and data obtained from the Office of the NCD Governor’s Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) office recently, the TVET scholarship program since its inception in 2009 had seen over 20, 000 students sponsored.

The total amount of funding invested in the young Papua New Guineans under the TVET scholarship program from 2009 to 2016 is K21, 908,708.87.

Polye calls on NCDC to come up with market policy

He said proper designated markets within the city limits must be accessible to the city residents.

Polye in a statement said Port Moresby is developing to be a modern city with a mixture of expatriate population with different nationalities living together.

He said NCDC must have both local and expatriate population in mind when building public utilities in the city.

He added that the designated markets within the city must be safe and accessible to reach by both local and expatriate population.

Chewing and selling of betelnut in public places is illegal: NCDC

That is the warning issued today from National Capital District deputy city manager social service Lulu Ted.

Ted said betelnut can only be sold in designated areas.

The identified trade and market locations are Waikele Market at Gerehu Stage 6,  Six-Mile, Saraka Market, Nine-Mile Market, Koki and Epen’s wholesale at Tete Settlement, Gerehu.

Kandiu application ruling deferred

The ruling that was to be done by Justice Collin Makail this morning was deferred to a later date after submissions were made on Wednesday.

Kandiu, who finished third in the 2012 General Election in the NCD Regional seat, is asking leave of the Supreme Court to allow a re-visit to an earlier Supreme Court judgment.

If leave is granted, the full court will proceed to hear submissions of the slip rule application. A slip rule application is when a party seeks the court to revisit its decision after leave is granted to correct any accidental slip or omission in the judgment.

NCD Governor slams Australian Government on off-shore refugee policy

Parkop made this comment during the World Refugee Day commemoration in Port Moresby, which was attended by the Australia High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, Bruce Davis.          

"In Papua New Guinea, we have our refugees; it's not a new phenomenon,” Parkop said, referring to displaced people as a result of tribal fights and now climate change.

“We know we have been forced into this situation with the Australia Government.

"High Commissioner, I am one of the MPs who has been against what is happening at the Manus Detention Centre.