Parkop applauds PM on commitment

National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop, commended Prime Minister James Marape for his government’s commitment to continue supporting the Settlement to Suburb Upgrade project in the city.

PM Marape said in a statement this week that all settlements in the city would be developed into properly planned suburbs, adding his government wants to provide proper, affordable housing for the citizens starting with the cities and towns across the country.

Governor Parkop said the project, which he initiated in July 2018, progressed well with 200 allotments that have already been created at the Nine-Mile Quarry and Eight-Mile Moitaka Ridge.

He said they were currently under the surveying stage.

Parkop stated that there were seven project sites comprising of Ragamuga at Six-Mile, which is on customary land, Kaugere, Burns Peak, Morata, Kipo, Nautana and ATS.

According to Governor Parkop, a consultative process is underway with all settlement households having been surveyed and that the safety and wellbeing of women and girls is a priority.

“18,000 households have been identified in the pilot project areas. PNG Power has committed to the electrification of the settlements and that the multilateral agencies have stepped up in partnership,” he said.

He continued that there was a need for a proactive government intervention in policy, law, finance, management and implementation – for Port Moresby’s population boom – to achieve affordable housing and curb unplanned settlements.

“Government interventions must involve making finance and land available, and helping the private sector to cover the risks.

“Even private finance agencies like banks and housing credit schemes will not work or take the risk unless they are covered or supported by the government,” he said.

Governor Parkop also praised Housing and Urbanization Minister Justin Tkatchenko, and Lands and Physical Development Minister John Rosso for their joint commitment under the government for affordable housing for the people. He also commended the outgoing Minister and member for Moresby North-East, John Kaupa, for his efforts and support.

“Both settlement upgrade and affordable housing projects are our priorities in the city. We look forward to working with our Prime Minister and his respective Ministers to have these goals realised,” Parkop said.

(National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop)

Press release