Scott Waide suspension 2018

Waide reinstated

In a statement, the TV station said Waide resumed duty from Monday, November 26th.

“The matter should not in any way be a reflection of the EMTV management and boards’ stance on media freedom,” said acting CEO Sheena Hughes.

“Mr Scott Waide’s suspension was only related to concerns of quality balanced reporting.

“The way this matter has escalated, without validation, has been unfortunate, and EMTV wants to make it clear that they respect the freedom of media, have always held this in high regard.”

Parkop speaks on journalist’s suspension

Waide was suspended for a November 17th bulletin that reportedly was ‘not favourable to EMTV’ and goes against ‘the responsibility to report on all views, with freedom and fairness’.

In a statement, Parkop said: “I personally know Scott Waide and have followed his work and development over the years.

PM defends Govt on journalist’s suspension

He said EMTV runs its own affairs and the decision was entirely on the organisation.

When responding to this newsroom on the involvement of Government with the suspension of the senior journalist, PM O’Neill said he has no knowledge of the EMTV management’s decision.

However, he said he will find out more in the next few days on what had actually transpired.