South Korea

Arrest sought for President Park's friend Choi in S Korea corruption row

Choi Soon-sil, who was detained on Monday, is accused of abuse of authority and attempted fraud.

Eight banks have also been raided in connection with the controversy, South Korean media reported.

The scandal has prompted widespread anger and intense public scrutiny.


What's the scandal about?

South Korea's prime minister sacked amid ongoing political crisis

Protesters have been calling for Park to resign since revelations last week that her confidante and spiritual adviser Choi Soon-sil may have seen secret government documents and influenced policy.


New positions

In an apparent attempt to stem the scandal Wednesday, Park named three new senior officials to her cabinet.

Kim Byong-joon, a professor at Seoul's Kookmin University, will replace Hwang Kyo-ahn as prime minister, the president's office confirmed to CNN.

South Korea: Protestors demand President Park resignation

Police estimated that around 12,000 demonstrators attended the evening protest, according to the country's semi-official Yonhap news agency.

South Korea's president faces scrutiny for allegedly leaking state documents to a friend.

On Friday, Park Geun-hye ordered the resignation of 10 of her senior secretaries as political turmoil continued to grip the country.

South Korea: Deadly Typhoon Chaba flips cars, floods homes

A huge wave washed away six ship crew and coastguard members in Yeosu, a city on the country's southern coast, before they were later rescued, dramatic video from the Yeosu Coast Guard showed.

The Ministry of Public Safety and Security said that four people were missing and more than 500 homes, 150 shops and 1,046 vehicles were flooded.

Three people died in the city of Busan. Two victims were in the city of Ulsan and one victim was found in the north of Gyeongsang province.

The typhoon is now headed towards Japan.



S Korean leader urges defectors: Come to 'bosom of freedom'

In a speech, President Park Geun-Hye said she was aware of the "gruesome realities" North Koreans face daily.

"We will keep the road open for you to find hope and live a new life," she said. "Please come to the bosom of freedom in the South."

Her comments come after a North Korean soldier crossed the heavily-protected Demilitarized Zone to the South.

"The universal values of freedom, democracy, human rights and welfare are the precious rights you should also enjoy," she said in a speech to mark the country's armed forces day.

Chinese fishermen killed in S Korea coastguard clash

The men, who were suspected of illegal fishing, were caught in the blaze after the coastguard officers threw a "flashbang" or stun grenade into part of their boat where they were hiding.

It is believed they died of smoke inhalation, an official said, and an autopsy has been ordered.

Fourteen other fishermen survived and are being questioned by authorities.

The incident began when a coastguard vessel identified the fishing boat in South Korean waters, and ordered it to stop for inspection.

South Korea reveals it has a plan to assassinate Kim Jong Un

Asked in parliament Wednesday if there was a special forces unit already assembled that could eliminate North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, Han Min-koo said: "Yes, we do have such a plan. "

"South Korea has a general idea and plan to use precision missile capabilities to target the enemy's facilities in major areas as well as eliminating the enemy's leadership," he added.

It has long been suspected that such a plan was in place but the minister's candid answer surprised some.

South Korea, US to simulate attack on nuclear facility

Though the official said the drills are not aimed particularly at North Korea, the announcement comes less than two weeks after North Korea claimed to have successfully tested a nuclear warhead -- its second nuclear test this year and fifth one ever.

The US and South Korea will also simulate what to do in the event of a sudden missile attack.

S Korea 'could annihilate Pyongyang'

A military source told the Yonhap news agency every part of Pyongyang "will be completely destroyed by ballistic missiles and high-explosives shells".

Yonhap has close ties to South Korea's government and is publicly funded.

On Friday North Korea carried out what it said was its fifth, and largest, nuclear test.

The international community is considering its response.

The US says it is considering its own sanctions, in addition to any imposed by the UN Security Council, Japan and South Korea.

North Korea executes top education official, South Korea says

Unification Ministry spokesman Jeong Joon Hee held a press conference early on Wednesday to address media reports of a public execution of a senior-level North Korean official.

Two other officials, Kim Yong Chol, the head of North Korea's United Front Department (UFD), and a senior member of North Korea's propaganda department, received "revolutionary measures," commonly referred to as re-education, according to the spokesman.

No other details are immediately available.