Non-payment to UN ‘another sign’ of economic crisis

Opposition Leader Don Polye said this following a suspension of Papua New Guinea’s voting right in the UNO, due to non-payment of its membership fee of US$180,000 (K571,000).

Polye claimed the suspension culminated with the country’s overseas missions being at the brink of closure associated with the same.

“The government pays more than K300 million as membership fees to similar other international organisations. I will not be surprised to see them facing the same issue in the months ahead,” Polye said.

Stop work at UPNG medical school

PNG National Doctors Association (PNG NDA) president, Dr. James Naipao, says this leaves the medical school in critical risk of closure.

The protest is due to the non-payment of backdated awards; the awards payment of over K5.6 million dates back to January 1, 2014.

Naipao confirms that they will make an appointment to see Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari this week, which will be the second meet this year.

He says they will give a seven working days’ notice to the Government to provide the payment.