National Research Institute

Investing in the future of Policy Research in PNG

The cadet scheme is designed to attract and mentor young graduates with first and honors degrees to become public policy researchers.

The cadets, Lewis Iwong, Maureen Thomas, Sarah Kaut-Nasengom and Lulu Abraham, were selected on merit, taking into account their academic performance at University. The cadetship provides these young graduates an exceptional opportunity to be trained and mentored by the highly experienced and qualified researchers at PNG’s leading think-thank.

Former research boss criticizes govt performance

“Government needs to be goal focused (in delivering basic services like health, education and infrastructure) because I don’t think they are,”  he says.

Dr Webster, who spent 11 years as a researcher at the country’s think tank institute, said the government must look at delivering basic needs of primary health care, good basic education and good roads and bridges.

“The country’s literacy is at 50 percent compared to the rest of the Pacific which stands above 80 percent and the health standard is very poor.”

NRI launches provincial and district profiles

The report is the first of a series of basic education profiles that from this point will be produced biannually to show and compare the performances of provinces and districts.

NRI director, Dr Charles Yala, said the information although from eight years ago is still relevant as it will provide essential data to help provinces and districts to make the required improvements.