Namah tribunal

Lawyer: Namah singled out

Namah’s lawyer, Greg Sheppard, made submissions on the two allegations the leader pleaded not guilty to.

Sheppard told members of the tribunal the incident of Namah’s alleged interference with the former district administrator was a one-off incident.

He said that took place 10 years ago and the victim, Conrad Tilau, has since been promoted to the post of acting provincial administrator.

Namah tribunal: State close evidence

The tribunal is inquiring 10 allegations leveled against Namah.

The allegation are that the leader failed to carry out obligations imposed under section 27(1) of the constitution (Responsibilities of office). 

Namah pleaded guilty to seven allegations comprising his late, non-submission, false and incomplete annual statements to the Ombudsman Commission for the periods 6 August 2007 to 5 August 2012.