Lawyer: Namah singled out

The leadership tribunal inquiring into Vanimo-Green MP, Belden Namah, returned today where submissions on verdict were made on the leader’s conduct.

Namah’s lawyer, Greg Sheppard, made submissions on the two allegations the leader pleaded not guilty to.

Sheppard told members of the tribunal the incident of Namah’s alleged interference with the former district administrator was a one-off incident.

He said that took place 10 years ago and the victim, Conrad Tilau, has since been promoted to the post of acting provincial administrator.

In relation to the leader’s storming into the Supreme Court sitting of 24 May 2012, Sheppard said other members of parliament were also involved however, it seemed as if Namah had been singled out in this incident.

The incident followed a Supreme Court decision ordering the reinstatement of Sir Michal Somare as Prime Minister. Namah was then acting Prime Minister. 

Counsel assisting the tribunal, Francis Popeu, submitted that the Supreme Court storming incident is an unprecedented or first-time incident and was a serous one.

The tribunal will reconvene at a later date to give their ruling on the verdict.

(Loop PNG file picture of Namah and his lawyers.)

Sally Pokiton