Tyrese Supports "Brother" Vin Diesel amid Fast 8 Drama involving Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson

Nope, the actor had more to say involving all of that Fast 8 drama that erupted after Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson called out his"chicken s--t" and "candy ass" male co-stars (without actually saying any names).

Ludacris rents out entire movie theater for the smartest reason

The rapper and his family made the choice to rent out an entire movie theater to themselves according to his most recent Instagram post.

Why? Luda captioned the photo, "Sometimes you have to rent the entire movie theater out for your fam and babies to yell and disrupt the movie in peace #nowthatsludicrous." Seriously, amen. If we had the money to do the same, we would.

We don't have babies right now, but we do have a love for very loud and crunchy fried chicken that we'd like to sneak into the theater to eat in peace.


Ludacris shares emotional throwback photo with Paul Walker

The rapper turned actor shared a photo of himself on set with Paul Walker while they taking a break from filming scenes for the hit film Fast and Furious 6.

The two appear to be sitting on a stoop with Ludacris' pet pooch in the shot, which was captioned, "#tbt #fast6 #wheniseeyouagain."

A few weeks ago, Ludacris posted a similar image from his days on the set with the late actor and wrote, "My first time meeting Paul Walker as you see we were having guy talks."