fast track

Supreme Court issued directions for cases on fast track list

Sir Salamo in presiding over the cases yesterday (Feb 12) said he wants to see the time spent by counsels in preparing draft index books cut down so the matters can be expedited.

He said there are too many delays in the cases that money is being wasted and counsels should work on getting to have the substantive issue resolved quickly.

Senate grants Obama big win with fast track trade authority

The 60-to-38 vote on Wednesday clears the way for Obama to seek final language on a trade agreement with Japan and 10 other Pacific-rim nations. Congress can ratify or reject such agreements but not change them.

The Senate granted Obama the same fast-track authority that previous presidents have enjoyed. The GOP-controlled House passed it earlier with help from 28 Democrats.

The vote was a stinging defeat for environmental groups and for unions that say free-trade agreements kill U.S. jobs.