Communication and Information Technology

Maneke: Department review to help progress of plans

Officially taking over the portfolio from the previous minister Jimmy Miringtoro, Maneke said to review all sectors in the department.

“We have to see to what policies are currently in place and how best we can work on this policies so it can guide the sectors respectively.

Anything that is not in play, we have to make sure it must come to place so that we can be able to move together,” he said.

But more importantly, he is adamant to get a permanent appointment for the head of the Department of communication and information.

Maneke takes over Communication portfolio

The handover ceremony was at the National Broadcasting Commission headquarters in Port Moresby today, witnessed by NBC staff, partners and stakeholders in the sector.

Making it official, Miringtoro presented Maneke a report entailing a brief of outstanding matters or Work in Progress (WIP) which he, as the new minister will take on, in accordance with the priorities and agenda of the current government.

One urgent need, Miringtoro said, was the proper establishment of the department, as it still exists as “Office of information” properly articulating its functions.