Brett Curtis

YWAM acquires new supply vessel to help with work

The MV l’Astrolabe, soon to be renamed the MV YWAM Liberty, will be the fourth vessel to be deployed by YWAM Medical Ships into PNG, joining the MV Pacific Link and the MV YWAM PNG which are both currently serving in PNG, and the MY RUACH, due to join the fleet later this year.
Director of YWAM Medical Ships PNG, Ken Mulligan, said that the acquisition of the MV YWAM Liberty represents hope for tens of thousands of people with critical health and training needs in PNG.

YWAM ship delivers 48,000 healthcare services in Madang

YWAM’s Medical Ship, MV Pacific Link, has just completed a successful deployment to Madang Province. 

Its director, Brett Curtis, said the ship’s first voyage to Madang Province was very special. 

“Thousands of lives have been impacted over the last 8 months, including a woman named Luweng from Karkar Island, who had a pterygium (tissue growth) on her eye.

“Luweng’s sight dramatically improved after an eye surgery in our onboard operating theatre,” he said in a statement.