Dijsselbloem bemoans lack of trust with Greece

Arriving for a meeting of the 19 eurozone finance ministers, Dijsselbloem said there's still "a major issue of trust" to be grappled with before creditors are able to back another bailout of Greece.

Greece's ex-finance chief backs latest debt deal

The government has asked for parliament's approval to use the Greek proposals sent to creditors Thursday as the basis for negotiations with the creditors due to start Saturday. The vote is expected sometime overnight Friday.

Varoufakis tweeted that he would be spending the weekend with his daughter before she returns to Australia, where she lives. He sent parliament a letter saying he was voting in favor of the motion.

US stocks slip after Greek 'no' vote; European markets sink

U.S. government bond prices rose as investors sought safe places to park money. Oil drillers and other energy companies fell sharply as the price of oil sank 4.7 percent.

The market declines were not as bad as many had feared, something analysts are crediting to the resignation of the Greek finance minister, which might help bailout talks resume.