Australian awards scholarship

Helen Thomas - Worth the sacrifice

For her, teaching is like a parental role.

“It is all about nurturing children, both physically and spiritually.”

As a Christian, Helen not only teaches students about the core subjects, but also imparts good values to them.

Originating from the Yakamun Tribe of Enga Province, Helen endeavored to earn a Diploma in Primary Teaching through an Australia Awards PNG Scholarship.

She graduated from the Sacred Heart Teacher’s College in 2020.

Everyday People Dr Jack Khallahle

Specialised in Computational Fluid Dynamics in multi-face flow, Dr Khallahle returned home a few months ago from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) with not just a PhD, but also determination to produce quality mechanical engineers at the PNG UoT through his network with UNSW and engineers in Australia.

He believes that mechanical engineers in PNG are not being educated to a higher standard and are missing out on job opportunities as a result.