Everyday People - Junin Masam Nasi

Junin Masam Nasi, an agriculture scientist and Australia Awards alumna, said: “I am proud of the achievements of my students because their success is the fruit of my work.”

For Junin, it is knowledge combined with passion and commitment that makes a great teacher.

“Only when you have these qualities will you teach with the best of your ability,” she says.

Helen Thomas - Worth the sacrifice

For her, teaching is like a parental role.

“It is all about nurturing children, both physically and spiritually.”

As a Christian, Helen not only teaches students about the core subjects, but also imparts good values to them.

Originating from the Yakamun Tribe of Enga Province, Helen endeavored to earn a Diploma in Primary Teaching through an Australia Awards PNG Scholarship.

She graduated from the Sacred Heart Teacher’s College in 2020.

Trobriand’s only agriculture teacher

Nathan Kabisawali, a teacher at Kiriwina High School, is devoted to teaching his students about sustainable farming practices and food security.

Nathan’s upbringing in the Trobriand Islands and his firsthand experience of the challenges his community faced due to climate change, inspired him to study agriculture at the University of Environment and Natural Resources.

“I want to assist the people on the island in increasing their fresh produce while using sustainable methods to protect the environment,” he says.

Going beyond the classroom

Rachel Koralyo, a teacher aide with a science degree and no teaching experience, found herself providing voluntary after-school lessons to students who approached her.

She wanted to help students who were eager to learn and improve their performance in school.

Koralyo applied for an Australia Awards PNG scholarship to study a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM).