Four Corners: Juvenile detainee asks NT Chief Minister for personal apology

Voller delivered the message via his lawyer on the day terms of reference were announced for a royal commission into the juvenile justice system in the Northern Territory.

The North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA), which has represented many of the youths, has called for Don Dale's High Security Unit to be closed immediately.


Afghan man mutilated pregnant wife


The incident happened in the Ashkamish district of Takhar province.

The victim, who is in her 20s, told the BBC that she did not know the reason for the attack.

Although such mutilation is rare in Afghanistan, reports of violence against women are increasing.

The woman is now in hospital in Kunduz.

Her brother confirmed the nature of the injuries to the BBC, saying his aunt had seen the results of the mutilation.

A doctor at the clinic said the victim was six months pregnant, but lost the baby as a result of the violence.



Royal commission to investigate possible human rights breaches at NT youth detention

Federal cabinet agreed on the royal commission's terms of reference today, with former Northern Territory chief justice Brian Martin named to head the inquiry.

AP wins Pulitzer Prize for reporting on abuse

This year's awards marked the 100th anniversary of US journalism's top honours which began in 1917 after a bequest from newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer.

The AP's prize-winning Seafood from Slaves report was an investigation into the mistreatment of workers in South-East Asia used to supply seafood to international supermarkets and restaurants.

The reporters "found captive slaves, countering industry claims that the problems had been solved", AP executive editor Kathleen Carroll wrote in her nomination letter to the Pulitzer judges.

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Ruth tells all about a decade of abuse and near death


For ten years this Port Moresby mother of three suffered in silence.

Deal with family violence cases or face arrest: Huafolo

Rigo man in court for incest

The man (name withheld) is 46 years old and married with four children and two grandchildren.

He was arrested, charged and detained on May 29 for allegedly sexually touching the girl at their family home at June Valley.

It is alleged the man on May 28 sexually touched the biological daughter of his brother, a 10 year old girl while pretending to get the girl to recite her mathematics times tables after school.

The accused appeared in court for the first time with his lawyer with a verbal bail application that was later granted by Magistrate Cosmos Bidar.

Wife withdraws child sex complaint against husband

The accused is a man (name withheld) from the Angoram district in the East Sepik province.

He was arrested and charged with sexual penetration of his adopted daughter in Port Moresby after his wife reported the matter to police.

The alleged incident took place between July and October 2013 at Bomana in Port Moresby where the man sexually penetrated a 15 year old girl who looks up to him as a father.