NT youth detention

Royal commission to investigate possible human rights breaches at NT youth detention

Federal cabinet agreed on the royal commission's terms of reference today, with former Northern Territory chief justice Brian Martin named to head the inquiry.

Minister sacked in wake of Four Corners report

The report highlighted the mistreatment of teenage prisoners, while alleging there has been a "culture of cover-up" within the Corrections system.

John Elferink, the minister responsible for young detainees in the Northern Territory, has been sacked in the wake of the damning ABC Four Corners report into the mistreatment of teenage prisoners.

'Like Guantanamo': Video shows child hooded, strapped to chair

It is part of a chilling catalogue of vision released for the first time showing the repeated stripping, assault and mistreatment of the boy, who was one of six children tear-gassed at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in Darwin in 2014.

The boy in the chair is Dylan Voller, who was a detainee at the Youth Detention Centre in Alice Springs at the time.