100 Day Plan

Abel pleased with first 25 days of 100-day plan

In a meeting with provincial governors yesterday in Port Moresby, Abel said the 100-day plan was just a guide for the government to try and deal with issues in a systematic way.

Minister Abel said the plan aims to restore fiscal discipline by paring back expenditure, growing our revenue base and moving towards a better debt portfolio mix.

He said this will help address liquidity constraints for both the public sector and in the foreign exchange market.

VIDEO: Pruaitch questions 100 day plan

In a public statement, Pruaitch said the plan is bound to fail because it's first important rule to have a 'Small, efficient government' was broken when the Prime Minister announced 9 vice ministers to support his 33-men cabinet.
Pruaitch is also convinced Minister Abel will not be able to reduce the 2017 budget deficit GDP ratio when the Final Budget outcome is released next year. 
He says nothing suggests in the 100-day plan of any attempt to reduce any public-sector costs, and the government may be forced to squeeze government agencies for more funds.


Abel launches 100 Day plan

The plan will basically try to get revenue into the Government coffers before a 2018 Budget proper is announced.

Treasurer Abel said the 100-day plan has the primary goals of demonstrating government pro-activity in ensuring sound macroeconomic and fiscal management, restoring confidence, generating investments and moving towards greater economic self-reliance.

He said while the medium term outlook is positive, the Government is determined to undertake immediate interventions after consultations with Government agencies, Development partners and the business community.