United under one banner: PNGRFL

The PNG men’s and women’s national side – PNG LNG Kumuls and Oil Search PNG Orchids – will face Samoa and Fiji respectively in the Ox & Palm Pacific Test Invitational 2019.

“They will be representing not only their family, but a nation, a people of a thousand different tribes with over 850 languages. But all will be united under the banner of rugby league,” says the PNG Rugby Football League.

“We have a number of debutants from both our teams, they all have a story to tell, a legacy to continue and to create.

“Over the week the Orchids and Kumuls have participated in combined fan day, media calls and finally in the presentation of their jerseys as equals, recognising the importance of gender equality in our great nation and what a powerful tool it can be to promote development in our country. There is no better way to do so than through the game of rugby league.

“Let’s get behind both national teams as they run onto Leichhardt Oval this afternoon, carrying the aspirations of the men and women of our great country PNG!”

The Oceania Cup Pacific Test against Samoa kicks off at 7.55pm this evening at Leichhardt Oval in Sydney.

It will be televised live on TVWAN Action.

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