Tkatchenko thanks corporate sponsors

Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko has said thank you to the corporate sponsors for their support to the SP Hunters, who are a success story for rugby league in PNG.

Speaking this week at the season launch of the SP Hunters, the Sports Minister said the government cannot do it alone without support from the corporate sector.

Tkatchenko thanked SP for their sponsorship to the Hunters since 2013.

“SP has been a major contributor to the success of the Hunters from day one. With their dedication to our national sport, we have seen the sport grow,” said Tkatchenko.

He also extended his gratitude to the other major sponsors, including ExxonMobil and the National Gaming Control Board.

“Who would ever think they we would have a team in the Intrust Super Cup, who would ever think that this year, we will be hosting the Rugby League World Cup 2017.

“This is a testament to everybody getting behind our national sport that was in dire straits four years ago.

“Now we have a career path for young Papua New Guineans that want to be a Hunter, that want to be a Kumul. The doors are now open through persistence and through our sponsors.

“The Hunters not only promote rugby league, they promote PNG as well. They are a success story.

“To all the sponsors, big or small, I say a big thank you. We can’t do it without you,” said Tkatchenko.  

Troy Taule