Star to lead Hunters into battle

Stargroth Amean will lead the SP Hunters into battle against the Brisbane Broncos this Saturday in place of the injured Ase Boas.

This was announced by coach Michael Marum this afternoon after training.

“At the moment, I feel really humbled to take the place of Ase Boas.

“I know it’s a really big shoe to fill.

“I’m going to do what I can do to lead the boys around the park.”

The classy fullback said preparations have gone well. 

"We’re just keeping the atmosphere in camp relaxed and composed.

“We’re all relaxed at the moment and concentrating on taking training one day at a time and know the game will take care of itself.”

A Broncos fan, Amean said he will rise to the challenge this weekend.

“I never thought I would play against my NRL team. But every opportunity to play rugby league is a dream come true so I’m going to grab it with both hands and make the most of it.”

Amean added he has all the belief in the Hunters.

“Back in the past, we would think they are superstars and that they are better than us so mentally we would already be defeated.

“Right now, they are just like us and we can give them a good game.”

Marum said he is expecting his boys to give a 100 percent this weekend and nothing less.

“We’re not really looking to the end result of the match, but we’re expecting the players to do their best because they’re all fighting for spots.

“We just want to go out there and stick to our game plan and see how our combinations work out.”

 The SP Hunters 22-man squa (Two to be omitted): 

1. Stargroth AMEAN © 2. Wawa PAUL 3. Adex WERA 4. Willie MINOGA 5. Brendon GOTUNO 6. Charlie SIMON 7. Watson BOAS 8. Moses MENINGA 9. Wartovo PUARA 10. Dilbert ISAAC 11. Nixon PUT 12. John ANDY 13. Adam KORAVE Interchange 14. Sailas GAHUNA 15. Enock MAKI 16. Patrick MOREA 17. Rhadley BRAWA 18. McKenzie YER 19. Junior RAU 20. Butler MORRIS 21. Edene GABBIE 22. Baundo ABA.

This weekend’s trial match at the National Football Stadium will kick off at 3:30pm.

Troy Taule