Stadium for weight-lifting

A commitment was given nearly 5 years ago that once the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium was completed there would be a designated facility which will be dedicated for PNG Weight Lifting.

It was announced by former minister for sports, now minister for lands, Justin Tkatchenko that construction work has resumed over 2 months ago.

Minister Tkatchenko said that with the support of the Prime Minister and NCD Governor, funding has been approved through NCDC to finally get this Outstanding Stadium Finished.

However now that funding has been approved, Curtain Brothers has signed the contract with NCDC and construction has already gone over 8 weeks forward.

The Completion date is the end of October this Year.

He added that the facility is expected to have a professional outlook and set up for weight- lifters to gear themselves up for their upcoming event.

The Minister adds that the result should be something that PNG can look forward to seeing in the next four years when the athletes compete again.


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Annette Kora