PNGOC team to meet with national federations

The Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee Justification Committee is scheduled to meet with National Federations whose sport are on the program for Games in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

The meet will run from the 28th of September to the 4th of October 2020. Prior to these meetings, all National Federations will be required to submit all JC requirements by Friday September 18th. Specific requirements have been shared with all the National Federations concerned.  

The Justification Committee is appointed by the Executive Committee of the PNGOC to assess and confirm or reject nominations received from National Federations for athletes, managers and coaches  to represent Team PNG at the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Pacific Games, Pacific Mini Games, Youth Olympic Games, Commonwealth Youth Games and other games that fall under PNGOC’s mandate.  

The upcoming JC meetings will see NFs justify their sport, athletes and officials for the Tokyo Olympic Games and Pacific Mini Games scheduled to take place in 2021. 

Sports on the programs for the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham (UK) and Chandigarh (India) in 2022 will be required to justify only their sport and officials at this stage. Similarly, sports on the program for the Pacific Games in Solomon Islands in 2023 and Commonwealth Youth Games in Trinidad and Tobago and will only be required to justify their sport at this stage.  

This process is to ensure the selections to these various Games are in line with the performance standards set by the PNGOC.  

In September 2019, PNGOC presented to National Federations the new and amended JC process, timelines and requirements at the post Samoa 2019 Pacific Games Evaluation Workshop and the NF one-on-one meetings with PNGOC in late 2019.   

Secretary General, Auvita Rapilla, said: “We have set performance standards and have communicated these to the National Federations for all the Games Team PNG will be participating in. All National Federations are encouraged to meet and comply with the JC requirements for endorsement of their sport, officials and athletes. The new timelines have been shared with sports and it is important for all National Federations to fully understand the requirements and comply to avoid their sport, officials or athletes getting dropped from Team PNG.

“Our staff at PNGOC are available to guide and assist National Federations who may need assistance to complete the requirements of the JC.”  

All National Federations have been notified of their specific meeting times by the PNGOC secretariat and are asked to contact the PNGOC office should they have any queries or concerns regarding the JC process. 

(The Basketball Federation of Papua New Guinea)

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