No Secret To Premiership

Captain of the Lae Snax Tigers Enoch Sine said winning the 2021 Digicel Cup grand final was all hard work and commitment.

He also said the team executed discipline well and it worked significantly in allowing the players to support each other on the field.

“The team going into the finals was no secret. We played our best game, keeping in mind all the things we learnt during our training. One thing I must say is that the boys always gave their hundred percent and so the return on our achievements speaks louder. I must say it really comes down to how well you as a team can prepare, and so Tigers were ready and determined and now we are the 2021 Digicel Cup premiers,” said Sine.

Sine who won his third grand final title, said there is no secret to how best a team can win accept to stay humble, committed and always make room for improvement.

Sine said, “Commitment is key to success. You can get ready and play your best game but if you are not committed and you don’t sacrifice and keep focused, then how can you achieve the results you want or expect. The boys committed themselves, and really paid attention because they were determined to get in there and win.”

This year’s win by Tigers makes it their fourth Premiership title and their fifth grand final appearance.

The team looks forward to defending their title next season.

Godwin Eki