Kapuls coach frustrated with refereeing

Coach of the Kapuls, Flemming Serritslev, has dished out his frustrations at the refereeing during last night’s 2-1 loss to the Solomon Islands at the PNG Football Stadium.

“The FIFA slogan is ‘My Game is Fair Play’ but unfortunately, we have not had fair play in the two last home matches.

“We have been refereed in a way that has been deciding for the match against Tahiti where David Browne was sent out. Last night, Felix Komolong was sent out in a very unfair way.

“I don’t know if referees don’t like Papua New Guineans. If they don’t do, I don’t understand it because Papua New Guineans are very humble and very polite people so there’s no reason not to like them.

“I really feel like we have been treated unfairly in this third stage of the competition.

“I would say normally it’s a very bad excuse that I’m coming with now but I have to say it like it is,” said Serritslev.

On the game itself, Serritslev said the Kapuls started off well, taking a 1-0 lead with the headwind in the first half. However, Komolong being red carded in the 31st minute was the turning point in the match.

“I’m proud of my players. I’m proud of the performance they did in the second half that they could dominate Solomon Islands with 10-man.

“I also have to be honest and say that we didn’t create the number of chances in the second half that could have given us the win.

“But my players fought like men. They did what they could do this country. I’m proud of them,” Serritslev.

Kapuls skipper, Michael Foster, said the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Qualifier - OFC Stage 3 was a good experience for the team, especially the younger players.

“The boys have learnt a lot and should be good for upcoming tournaments,” said Foster.

Troy Taule