Hunters Arrive Home

The SP PNG Hunters arrived in Port Moresby to a small but warm and welcoming crowd at the Jackson International airport in Port Moresby yesterday afternoon.

Despite a challenging year for the boys, having picked up wins on the last two matches to end the season, the boys are back home just in time for Independence, but unfortunately will be spending it in quarantine.

The SP PNG Hunters returned with a squad that has gathered enormous experience, including a dozen of players who made their Intrust Super Cup debut, and developed a bond that will reap rewards in the years to come.



Club Commercial Manager, Alan Moramoro said it was great to have the team back home with their families, after spending half of the year in Australia.

“When they moved to Australia, performance was not so good, but things changed after the team started working on their weaknesses. Towards the end, they performed way better and capped of the season well,” said Moramoro.

They also faced other challenges including dealing with COVID-19 protocols, injuries and other health issues that put a strain on the players. 

“It’s good to have the boys back home now so they get to see their families after living away for almost 7 months,” he said.

Meantime, Hunters defeated the top four team Tweed Seagulls to end their season with three wins from their four matches in the brightest showing of what is to come in 2022.

The team of 28 players and five officials will spend the next month in quarantine.

Godwin Eki